Searching For Daycare? Let Us Help!

The importance of choosing the right daycare for your child cannot be underestimated, because your choice may well have long-lasting effects on your children’s future. You want the best for your child, and you want a nurturing environment for them, where they can learn and grow in a happy, secure, and safe place.

Setting Up Search Criteria

The search for the right place for your children can be an anxious and stressful process for parents, regardless of the criteria being considered. Whether your search is to find infant or baby daycare, home-based child care, babysitter/nanny care, a daycare center with a preschool or kindergarten program, or daycare for children with special needs—or any other criteria, the time and tools needed for the task can be daunting.

Daycare Location

Additionally, the location of the daycare is important. You may require a location in an area near your home or near work, or both. That’s where Find Local Daycare comes in. We’re different. We are not daycare providers, rather, we are a service that assists parents in finding the right daycare service or provider near their home or work location in the north metro Minneapolis/Twin Cities area.

Our Personal Touch

And we do it with a personal touch, according to customized criteria you provide. No need to wonder whether an online search engine has been updated to show the most current information or not, or is focused on towns and cities not in your target area. Those online directories you see on the internet can only provide so much information, so how can you trust them? Find Local Daycare gives your daycare search the personalized attention it deserves, reassuringly putting your mind at rest.

For more information about how Find Local Daycare conducts a personalized and customized search for you, see our Services page.

What Sets Us Apart

Many daycare search services are simply internet-based directories that rely on a zip code to locate daycare providers already registered with them. The results list from such a search cannot match the customized attention of a person-to-person service. Find Local Daycare provides clients with personal, customized assistance not offered through an online search engine, so you don’t have to trust a machine to get good results.