About Find Local Daycare

Inspired by her own experiences when searching for daycare, Michele Hansel created Find Local Daycare in 2010. Find Local Daycare is the result of months of research and study about what the offerings are and how to find the best ones.

Michele's Story and Background

My husband Joel and I had just moved to a new town, and shortly after, we had our first child. We were both working full time and I needed to find daycare, but I did not know anyone in the area. One of the ladies at work handed me a list of 200 names of daycare providers. I started calling the names on the list but it was a very daunting task. It took a long time, for several reasons: many daycares did not have openings, or they could not provide the criteria I was looking for, and many did not return my calls. After hours of searching and calling, I eventually did find a daycare that fit and was very happy.

When my daughter was born with special needs, I had to go through the same search task all over again. I wanted to be sure the daycare could provide for her properly. This time the search was even more difficult. We searched for many alternatives: daycare, night care, and weekends, but searching was very time-consuming. I eventually located a nurse to come to our house to take care of my daughter.

Helping Others Search

I thought if I could help other parents in this searching task I would be able to give them some peace, and minimize the stress and sleepless nights in trying to find daycare.

And so Find Local Daycare was launched. We are not daycare providers, but we provide the upfront personalized and customized searching service to help you find the daycare provider that is right for you!

For more information about how we do this, see our Services page.