What We Do

Find Local Daycare provides a customized way for parents to wade through all the offers and options for locating the ideal daycare services nearby— without all the hassle. Because we do all the upfront work for you!

How We Do It

Find Local Daycare follows the process below to help you find the local daycare that is right for you:

  1. Find Local Daycare maintains information about daycare providers throughout the northern Minneapolis/Twin Cities metro area. Daycare providers update their listings with us, letting us know of their openings and their programs and procedures.
  2. Using our checklist and questionnaire, parents request daycare matches close to home or work (or both), according to criteria they set, such as distance, foods, allergies, pets, smoking, in-home providers vs. daycare centers, programs, special needs, and so on.
  3. Find Local Daycare will find 3-5 matches with information about each daycare provider regarding openings, hours, hourly rates, references, staff, number of children, age ranges, equipment, playtime, programs, daily schedule, learning materials, and similar information.
  4. Find Local Daycare assembles a portfolio containing the information above for potential matches, including pictures if available, and forwards this portfolio to the parents.
  5. Parents call the daycare providers to set up final interviews and make final decisions.